About Us

Reveal Cards are the brainchild of Miriam Lottner -mother, adventurer, photographer, writer, do-er.

Miriam Lottner

After realizing that the best way to learn about new places and adventures was to gamify it, Miriam set out on a journey to create fun, compact, family travel games featuring locations around the world. 

After months of travel, testing and prototyping with kids of all ages at her dining room table, Reveal Israel was born.

Reveal Israel Journey

With a support team of designers, artists and educational consultants, the Reveal Israel team set off to more than 75 locations to take all of the photos, acquire all of the site knowledge and facts to build the trivia aspect of the game and then rolled out into production. 

Reveal Israel has helped to bring each location to life like never before. Launched in 2016, more than 10,000 decks of Reveal have been sold worldwide and additional locations are being added all the time.

The secret to the Reveal success is that there is no stock photography, no repeated trivia and everything is created by local experts and tested by real kids and families. Reveal Israel is a totally unique perspective on 4000 years of history. 

We appreciate your feedback and can't wait to hear about your own adventures.


Please, do keep in touch and thanks so much for your support! #KeepExploring