What's in the Reveal Israel deck?

Thank you for all of the messages and emails asking where to go and what to do in Israel!

Lots of people ask how I chose the locations for Reveal Israel, and what I suggest when travelling. Thought I would take this opportunity to explore what's in the deck and explain how I chose the locations to include. If your favorite place isn't in the first deck, I hope I've included in the next deck I'm planning now! 

Reveal Israel is 3 distinct games within the deck (match, quiz and spin), so it was critical to have some criteria for locations before I started so that each location would work for all three games. 

3 Games of Reveal Israel


Match: Had to be able to make a symbol from it. 

Quiz: Had to be able to get a photo of it and had to have some interesting trivia (fact, history/silly information).

Spin: Had to be a location in the Quiz game and have more than just one fact about that I felt like was interesting enough to make a separate game about it.

A small sample of the location revision lists:

Location Lists for Reveal Israel

Yes, I know, they were scribbled everywhere I could think of them! On the backs of receipts, on pizza slides, on my kids homework. Once the list was finalized, it came time to plan the travel required. Some locations were excluded because I couldn't get there, or couldn't get there alone. Some because they weren't interesting enough or making an easy to recognize symbol (for the match game) for them was ruled impossible. 

The final LIST (73 locations):

Kotel (Western Wall)* Shoekeda Reserve * Salt Caverns of the Dead Sea * Mount Arbel * Keshet Arch (Cave) * Tzfat (Safed) * Haifa * Zedekiah's Cave * Banias * Tel Aviv * Tel Aviv Museum of Art * Rosh Hanikra * Ein Avdat * Knesset * Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) * Mosaic Floor (Beit Alfa) * IAF Museum * Caves of the Jewish Defenders * Yad Vashem * Beersheva * Maarat HaMachpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs) * Elah Valley* Gamla * Hai Bar Reserve * Nahalat Binyamin * Alpaca Farm * Red Sea Coral Reef * Masada * Archaeological Dig * Acco (Acre) * Mediterranean Iris * Stalactite Caves * Jerusalem Citadel (David's Tower) * Dead Sea * Montefiore's Windmill * Caesarea Aqueduct * Hurva Synagogue * Sde Boker * Jaffa Port * Timna Park * Beit Guvrin * Kedma/Beer Tuvia * Ancient Wine Press* Park Nesher* Ein Zavitan * Ein Gedi *Jerusalem Shuk (Machane Yehuda) * Jordan River * Forest of the Defenders * Latrun *Beit Shearim * Hula Valley * Kibbutz * Emek HaYarden * Nahal Devorah * Hermon *Sandboarding * Sabras *Camel Ride * Ein Yorkeam * Sde Boker *Machtesh Ramon (Crater) * Ein Yorkeam* BInyamin Pool * Masada * Ashkelon Gate *Israel Museum *Nimrod's Fortress *

 Where should you travel in Israel?

From making Reveal, I have an almost unending list of day trips, overnight trips and things to do in Israel trips for every age. Going to work hard to blog each week and suggest a location. If you have suggestions, I'd love for you to leave a comment and share below!

If you are in Israel right now my suggestion is that you RUN, do NOT walk and go check out the flower fields in the South. Well, you can take a car, but do yourself a favor and go check out the incredible flowers at Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak. Yes, they are very close to the Gaza Border, but the area is safe (thank you IDF) and the flowers are worth it. Seriously ENDLESS beauty down there. Gives me so much hope to see how much can be created, grown and brought to live with ingenuity and purpose.

Photo courtesy of my friend Lis Garfinkel. 
Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak Flower Fields April 2017
*Please note, you cannot enter the flower fields! They are for commercial export ONLY.  You can however stand near them and enjoy them from the sides*  

So, how many of the places in the Reveal deck have you been to? 

Would love to hear about your travels! 



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